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Committed to Delivering Client Satisfaction

Our service is founded on years of extensive industry experience.

History and Overview

The Dresden Group, LLC was started in Dresden, Maine in the late 1980s by Peter W. Elvin. We began by investing in real estate in the form of rental property investments. Fresh out of college with lots of new discretionary time, we began investing in multifamily buildings. Our properties soon grew to 13 units during the real estate boom of the Eighties. It was a lot to own, manage & maintain! So, we began using contractors to assist with all the work. What we were unable to do ourselves (outside our full-time, 40-hour-per-week careers), we performed with contracted help.

Since then, our understanding of property maintenance, to quickly restore, maintain, preserve and enhance its highest value. We’ve been doing this for OVER 40 years!

Curbside appeal, along with cleanliness and the overall health of buildings, aids in your health and the health of your family. Being free of dirt, dust, debris, and peeling paint is not only physically healthier, but also improves and liberates the mind and spirit from clutter. Cleaning and fresh coatings, such as top-quality paint, top-quality stain, or other top-quality coatings, help keep old, faded, blistered, chipped, and peeling, paint environment healthy and your mind refreshed! Who wants to look at old, faded and peeling paint? Who wants to look at stained, spoiled, cracked, chipped, or peeled siding? The same can be said for entrance ways, driveways, walkways, concrete, patios, decks, or stairways.

A decade and a half ago, we began using power washing, also called pressure washing, as a SUPERIOR way to clean and freshen seasonally. We began using AIRLESS PAINT & STAIN SPRAYERS as a superior method to apply coatings in a more efficient and more effective manner. Using a high-quality airless sprayer saves time (which saves you money) and allows paint to be applied in an exceptional manner to get into small cracks and crevices such as wooden or shaker shingles or between decking to allow better coverage. It can also get into wood grain far better to preserve and protect it.

Biography of Peter W. Elvin 

Peter graduated from Cony High School in 1973, Cincinnati College of Applied Science in 1977, and Lesley College Graduate School in 1983. He has worked as a physician associate for 40 years. He specialized in emergency medicine and occupational medicine before retiring in 2015.

Since 1980, he’s been working on various aspects of rental properties from painting to property management to business management. When he’s not busy managing his business, he enjoys painting, hiking, celebrating his faith, and being with his family and friends.

Mission Statement 

Providing proper maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape to preserve and enhance its value by:

  • Solving Eyesores
  • Preserving Assets & Investments
  • Quickly restoring, maintaining, preserving, & enhancing Property Values & Owner's Equity
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